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7 September 2010 This Is England 86 - Davida

Winning Best Independent Film Award, This Is England is a 2006 British drama film written and directed by Shane Meadows. The story centres on young skinheads in England in 1983. The film illustrates that skinhead subculture whose 1960s roots include elements of black culture especially ska, soul, and reggae music, became adopted by white nationalists, which led to divisions within the skinhead scene.

When Shane Meadows finished This Is England, he realised he had a wealth of material and unused ideas, like including the Scooterboy movement in the mid-late '80s, that he felt very keen to take further and the idea for a television serial developed. “Not only did I want to take the story of the gang broader and deeper, I also saw in the experiences of the young in 1986 many resonances to now – recession, lack of jobs, sense of the world at a turning point. Whereas the film told part of the story, the C4 TV serial called This Is England 86 will tell the rest”

Set when the 1986 World Cup was in Mexico, Chris de Burgh was number one in the music charts and 3.4 million people were unemployed in Britain.

The first part of the four part TV drama This Is England 86 will be screened tonight C4, 7th September 2010 at 10pm.

If you’ve heard any of the radio interviews with the cast over the past week you may have entered the competition to win a Davida Helmet.

Rave Reviews Telegraph Guardian and enormous Facebook presence

The image we have used is of Brian- an original Mod.

31 August 2010 IOW Scooter Festival 2010

This custom scooter, by Mark Stokes, was spotted and photographed by Sticky over the last Bank Holiday weekend on the Isle of Wight where 25,000 Scooterist joined in with the worlds biggest scooter rally. Several of Mark's custom scooters have been previously featured in Scootering Magazine. Mark asked us if he could use Davida branding on his latest creation and only just got it finished for the IOW Rally. Look out for Mark and his scooter at scooter rallies this year in Woolacombe and Bridlington.We really liked the end result.

20 August 2010 Around The World on 70 year old motorcycles- It's A Hard Life But Someone Has To Do It !

Latest Update to the Infamous Round The World Trip "KCCD09" - King Croesus Contempt For Death Tour

They Left in April 2009 and They're Still Out There. Now Riding Down Peru and Making Their Way Down Through The South Americas.

King Croesus started in Norway through Siberia to Alaska, then down through North and South America. A boat will take us to South Africa from where we’ll ride up to Europe. So far it's taken 16 months.

Dear sponsors and friends,

To our small but very enthusiastic and helpful group of sponsors that makes this trip possible, thank you all so far for your unique support for helping and keeping us going, I really do appreciate your contributions to make this happen!

Best regards,

12 June 2010 Remake of Honda's Impossible Dream Advert for 2010 World Cup

The World Cup is traditionally a vehicle for much high-concept TV advertising, this year will surely be no exception. Alas, little of it is of much interest to us petrol-heads; the exception being the specially modified  Honda’s “Impossible Dream” advert to support England’s World Cup Campaign in 2006. 

Building on this football legacy, for 2010 World Cup Honda have launched an extended remix of their beautifully shot ode to the joys of all things motorised by Honda.

With it’s stunning evocations of Honda machines from their early racing bikes right through to jet planes (who knew they made them?) it harks back to those early Honda magazine adverts; riding a Honda by the sea with a girl of the summer on the pillion, living the dream.

Unlike those early ad’s, our protaganist in this epic is, where appropriate sporting a range of crash helmets. Spot the Davida.

3 June 2010 Winner of a Davida Helmet For The Prize of 'Rider Choice'

Here is Alistair McQuaid with his HD XR750 Flat Tracker with Rachael Prevett of Red Max. Alistair's HD XR750 won a Davida Helmet for the 'Riders Choice' Prize at the Amman Valley Flat Track Meeting, South Wales, UK  29th + 30th May 2010

This race meet was an absolute blast....Italians, Germans and Dutch Flat Trackers, travelled across in force to meet and race with the Brits. It was the biggest meeting of Flat Trackers ever to come together outside of America.

In the pits, machines and racers sheltered under awnings, the Italians shared out their bread, pasta, proscuttio and wine, and after a rain sodden day the floodlite racing started at 7pm on Saturday. With a racing surface that was wet on top and hard undeath, the bikes didn't slide smoothly around the corners as they would normally do. Tyres slid then gripped so many times they left deep zigzag track marks across the full width of each end of the oval. Every man and bike came off the track smothered from head to toe, tank to tyre in a complete and thick coating of cement coloured mud.

Sundays racing was a dry event and everyone gloried in the return to the normal turn left, flat track style, except Zaeta Machine riden by Marco Belli who inisisted on doing wheelies down both the straights.

Organised by Pete Boast of shorttrack.com, supported by Sideburn, Red Max and Davida.

26 May 2010 Gorgeous MV Augusta Customer Special for the 2010 Motogiro d' Italia

 "The Event - The Motogiro d'Italia - 1000 miles over 5 days. Mountain climbs and descents, coastal roads, small villages. Breath taking views good wine and Italian hospitality.

The Bike - MV agusta 350 sport ellectronica, a small and nimble, pretty lightweight, a delight to ride through the twisting hillsides. Ideally suited to get from one village to the next in the shortest possible time frame.

The Rider - Clive Dawson - 50 something British male adores Italian and English motorcycles (and women) good food, wine and fresh air, riding with a competitive edge and of course that time clock to watch. I'm a shirt designer so I'm into getting the finer details right. So I knew it was a Davida I wanted and the specially bespoke design to exactly match my bike is perfect "

21 May 2010 Flat Tracking Amman Valley, Ammanford, South Wales, UK on May 29-30.

There are another six UK Short Track races this year, but if you only make it to one... make sure it’s Amman Valley, Ammanford,  South Wales, UK on May 29-30.

This is the first joint race between the UK Short Trackers and the European MEFO Sport racers. That means there will be the cut-throat semi-pros on their modern DTX (modified 450 MX) bikes, the slightly less bloodthirsty Thunderbike class full of framers and modified street bikes, PLUS the All-American Twin Class over from Europe. These are all big, fast, powerful V-twins. There are 1200 Sportsters in dirt track frames, modified XR1000s and XR750s. They’re going to haul on the Welsh half-mile oval.

Everyone involved wants it to be a festival of flat track culture, so anyone who turns up on a street tracker, or even with one on a trailer or in a van gets in half-price. There’ll be prizes for the best of show, best budget build, best engineering and best paint.

There are two days of racing. Well, a night and a day. The Euro round and All-American twins are on Saturday night. Plenty of UK racers will enter the Euro race. Saturday’s racing starts at 7pm.
Plus there will be a bar in a marquee and food on-site, plus camping available.

Sunday’s racing starts at 1pm. This is a full UK meet with added crazy Euros ensuring it will be, we reckon, the biggest flat track race ever held outside America.

Adults £10 per day or £18 for weekend including camping. OAPS £8 per day or £14 for the weekend, Children (12 to 15) £3 per day or £5 for weekend, Under-12s go free.

Sideburn and Davida will be there.


More info: http://www.shorttrackuk.com or http://sideburnmag.blogspot.com/2010/04/festival-of-flat-track.html

17 March 2010 MotoPhoto at Launch of 5th Edition of Sideburn at The Roaring Psychedelic Octopus, British Legion, Wigan 26th March 2010

Until time travel to the parallel universe has been invented the next best thing is to get to the Wigan British Legion on 26th March 2010 from 8pm to Late. Totally untouched since the early 1970’s the Club in Wigan is a fabulous time warp for Cosmic Pilots who appreciate that kind of thing.

8pm -9.30pm Davida MotoPhoto

9.30pm – Late The Stags – Bambi La Beau Buxotic Biker Burlesque Dancer and the Rockabilly Suicide Set – DJs Johnny Alpha and Mr Murdo

This should be a great night.

Entrance £3 on the door – no advance tickets - venue capacity limited

Huge parking area at venue – bike priority

Don’t be fashionably late - to avoid disappointment

Long distance travelers are welcome to fly into Liverpool and join the Davida coalition

Wigan British Legion, 9 Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan, Lancashire, UK, WN1 2AD T: 01942 700 551





19 February 2010 Brits Winner Gets Top Marks For Protection


Best British Female Artist Lily Allen gave her performance surrounded by Davida helmets at the 30th Brit Awards at Earls Court, London. Singing her Number 1 hit 'The Fear', Lily chose not to compromise on top-quality head protection for her male backing dancers, equipping each of them with a Davida Jet helmet painted pink. She described her show as, "Outrageous.....camp military....very pink!" and Davida has already received interest from fans who want to commemorate Lily Allen's retirement from music by buying a replica pink Davida Jet helmet.


Click here to see Lilys full performance at the BRITS



The Davida Moto Photo has been invited to exhibit at the new motorcycle show in Lahti, Finland.

"It's all been organised in just a few days, "said Davida MD, DavidaFiddaman, " but that was one of our aims with Moto Photo, to have aneasily dispatched and hung exhibition wherever it's needed and so enjoyed but as many people as possible. It will be interesting to see where and when the exhibition will go next."

So Davida's Sharon Underhill, armed with her cross country ski, heads to Finland at -20 centigrade and into the woods to meet Chopper Man who will help her set it up.

Owned and submitted by Moto Revue Classic in France, this image of Agostini in 1972 with the famous Lido Cabaret Girls will be part of the Moto Photo exhibition in Lahti where Agostini is to attend as a special guest of the event.

The eclectic range of motorcycling related photographs that constitutes Davida Moto Photo was first exhibited in Liverpool 2008 and again in Stockholm last May and its popularity has steadily grown through its
accompanying website. http://www.davidamotophoto.com

Davida MD, David Fiddaman and Sharon Underhill will be with the MotoPhoto exhibition at the show to answer any questions.

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