The Davida Jet

Tradition and Technology

The Davida Jet 
integrates the finest features of the traditional open face helmet  into a modern product that meets the latest European Safety Standard ECE R22-05

Davida have developed a unique design process to produce an open face helmet with superior fitting.The use of extensive human head data has enabled us to produce helmets that are proportional to head size.

The unique shape of the Jet's fibreglass shell and liner has been designed to follow the natural shape of the head; narrower at the jaw than at the crown. When combined with the interior, which also follows these lines and extends them past the shell, the snug fit created ensures the Davida Jet is stable as a rock. As well as completely eliminating 'lift', this ergonomic design hugs the head reassuringly and makes for a pleasantly quiet ride.

The Jet comes in three shell sizes and six helmet sizes meaning the shell size is proportional to your head size.The interior is quilted leather with a satin crown.The fastenings are made from quality leather and nylon, and there are studs optional peaks and visors.This helmet is ACU approved for racing in the UK and is certified to the European Safety Standard ECE R22-05

  • Unique ergonomic  design  delivers performance and comfort
  • Shell shape & interior precisely follows  the contours of the head to eliminate lift  & noise
  • Sound proofed interior  is fully leather lined giving an exceptionally quiet ride
  • Helmet is proportional to head size by using 3 shell sizes to create 6 helmet sizes
  • Unparalleled choice  of over 100 colourways &  custom design service

We also stock a wide range of goggles and visors that have been designed to fit perfectly with all our open face helmets

Many people ask us to personalise a Davida Helmet to match the colour and paintwork design of their bike. All you have to do is supply us with a sketch of your idea, the RAL Number of the colour of the paint along with any stickers you may want. Because of the domed curvature of the helmet shell, not all personalised designs are possible however our design team will advise you on whether your idea is possible or offer more suitable alternatives

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Davida Jet Features

  • European Safety Standard ECE R22-05 certified
  • ACU Gold Approved for racing
  • Comes in 3 shell sizes and 6 helmet sizes ( * see below) 
  • Fibreglass composite shell
  • Leather lined interior
  • Goggle retainer to secure goggles and visors
  • Ergonmic design eliminates 'lift'
  • Available in all the 100 different Davida designs as standard as well as bespoke service

Helmet Sizes :
XSmall 53-54cm   Small 54-56cm   Medium 56-58cm   Large 58-60cm    XLarge 60-62cm   XXLarge 62-64cm

* The shell of all Davida helmets are proportional to your head size. The overall size of the finished helmet is never larger or heavier than it needs to be. The smallest shell is used to create the XS & S size, a slightly bigger shell is used for the M & L sizes and a larger shell for the XL and XXL.


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